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Bathtub Refinishing Granada Hills

We strive to give each of our clients a quality bathtub refinishing service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our unique bathtub refinishing services provide superior bathroom porcelain and fiberglass refinishing combined with outstanding customer service to real estate properties, commercial property owners and homeowners throughout the Granada Hills area.

Serving our customers in Granada Hills. We are committed to offering high quality reglazings, the latest technology fluorocarbon silicone technology as well as an experienced knowledge base for property managers in buildings (rental apartments or condo reglazing service) and homeowners that cannot be beat by our competitors in the area of Granada Hills in California.

Reglazing Services in Granada Hills California

All of our customers have saved thousands of dollars and a great amount of time by refinishing their bathroom fixtures instead of replacing them. We serve our costumers in Granada Hills,  porcelain bathtubs reglazefiberglass bathtubs showers reglazingbathroom sink refinish, and kitchen and counter top reglazings.

Bathroom Sinks Reglazing Granada Hills CA

As bathroom sink reglazing or refinishing experts in the Granada Hills area we specialize in the refinishing of all kinds of porcelain sinks. We can repair all kinds of holes, chips, cracks, and rust that your sink may have. We are able to restore your bathroom sink to its original condition if you live in Granada Hills area.

Kitchen Sink and Counter tops reglazing in Granada Hills CA.

We also refinish kitchen sinks one bowl or double bowl. And tile counter tops reglazing in Granada Hills. Reglazing Los Angeles is the most reliable, professional, and experienced bathtub refinishing company in the Granada Hills area. You will not be disappointed with our service. For sure, try one time, you will glad you did it. Our kitchen countertops tile and sink refinish in high quality the best coating made in America. No matter want you want to do want the property, rent, sell, or remodel for you. You will increase value at the time of sale or rent.

Get in contact with us today. Call Now (323) 396-1030 or Email Us. Send your pictures or request a one time visit in your location for an inspection of the project.
I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to our refinishing process, prices, products, quality, warranty, and life of reglaze.

Our mission in Reglazing services

Our reglazing services is driven by integrity and honesty to our costumers. We focus in bringing a quality and affordable bathtub and tile refinishing service to all of our customers in the Granada Hills area. We have worked with thousands of residential homeowners, hotel and apartment managers, building supervisors, city inspectors in the past years to find the way how to improve and make a better refinish service.

We have been able to satisfy  their refinishing needs 100%, and we have saved them thousands of dollars in bathroom and kitchen sink and tile remodeling, our fluorocarbon silicone technology is the right solution for any project where other reglazers can not achieve.

We specialize (expertise) in:

  1. Porcelain (iron cast) Bathtub Refinishing – Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing
  2. Fiberglass Showers Refinishing
  3. Bathtub Repair (no plumbing work)
  4. Tile/Formica/Marble imitation Refinishing
  5. Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Refinishing
  6. Cultured Marble and Tile Counters Refinishing
  7. And much more…

Kitchen & Bathroom Counter-top Refinishing/Reglazing Granada Hills CA

We specialize in kitchen and bathroom ceramic tile refinishing/reglazing serving all Granada Hills customers.

Our technicians will do a high quality reglaze bright white color coating or any other color you want to match. Kitchen tile counter tops resurfacing, recolor full service. We reglaze tiles, formica and marble imitation.  Our chemistry can long last up to 5-20 years. Increase the rent monthly or value of the property by reglazing and spending less instead of replacing the countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.

The process can save you money and time on resurfacing tile projects, and will extend the useful life of your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Granada Hills Ceramic tile refinishing is an affordable alternative to tearing out and replacing your ceramic tile. Tile refinishing is not just painting the tile as it involves a complete preparation, bonding, and adhesion of the topcoat. We apply two parts acrylic fluorocarbon silicone when you refinish your ceramic tile, it will have a high gloss and beautiful refinish that can long last for more time. We don’t care competitors, we follow carefully our chemistry.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing in Granada Hills CA

We can refinish all ceramic tile found in bathrooms and counters for a residential home or apartment in Granada Hills California. The most commonly refinished tile is the three walls side of tile around the bathtub and a porcelain tub enclosed. We also refinish tile in showers, vanities, and bathroom floors and walls in Granada Hills area. Whether you want to change the color of your tile from pink to a white color or a more modern color, or just want to spruce up your bathroom by giving your ceramic tile a new fresh high glossy white finish.

We are the solution to resurface your tiles and make your bathroom or kitchen like new again in Granada Hills CA.  Ceramic tile refinishing company or reglazing experts are here to help you through the entire chemical process and the technology we use.

We will offer affordable prices, reglaze in white color or we can help you select the right color, and provide the best refinishing service you can find in Granada Hills  reglazer providers. We will also answer any questions that may arise before, during, and after the process is finished done by our technicians. Call for free quote in Granada Hills  (323) 396-1030.  We will do the best to make the best refinish for your project. You will be glad you did it.

Granada Hills tile Refinishing Helps Maintain Grout Lines Clean when you refinish more frequently for a rent or short sell property.
Ceramic tile refinishing is also a great way to eliminate nasty and moldy caulk and grout lines on the tile walls and edges for customers. For sure these areas tend to have a porous nature, thus all dirt is easily accumulated over time and use. Refinishing the tiles solves this problem as it seals all caulk and grout lines. Your tile will still have the look and feel of regular ceramic tile like new condition again.

Call us now at (323) 396-1030 to inquire about our tile refinishing service and to request a free quote!

What type of finish is applied on the kitchen and bathroom countertops?

Our experts will  apply a durable acrylic polyurethane two parts reinforced with fluorocarbon silicone  finish when refinishing bathroom and kitchen tile, formica or marble imitation countertops. This finish is of the highest quality and technology in kitchen and bathroom countertop refinishing we had found in the USA.

No other competitors handle this technology in California, require to properly mix quantity and induction time allow the molecules mix together. Our research indicate that some providers purchase cheapest epoxies and spray them on most projects with no induction time and the result is a substandard refinish,  the reason why will peel the reglaze in less than 1-2 years.

What type of counter-tops can be refinished?

Almost all kinds of kitchen and bathroom countertop materials can be refinished by our technicians. The materials that can be refinished include laminate, cultured marble imitation, ceramic tile, and formica countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.

We also offer a free in-home consultation for your kitchen and bathroom countertop refinishing project. Just email us or request a job from our website and send some pictures. We will be able to quote you as soon  as possible. For a complex project we will need  dimensions in square feet. A visit to your location will be requested to properly quote your project.

For further information on our counter-top refinishing, please call the office at (323) 396-1030.

We solve these problems on Tile Refinishing for customers in Granada Hills California

  • Black, moldy or stained grout lines on the tile walls (we remove old caulking and add a new and fresh GE Silicone Caulking.
  • Many Cracks, chips and other damage made to the surface (we use special tools/materials to fix chips and scratches)
  • Ugly original color on tile walls (we can match any color you want. We use Sherwin Williams reference. There is an extra charge to match color)
  • Discolored and stained very old tile walls (A new and fresh refinish is the solution)
  • Germs and bacteria collecting in cracks and seams (Need to properly clean the tub)
  • Lack of money and time for a complete renovation (when you refinish you save up to 70%)
  • Leaky cracked fiberglass (we do full reinforcement to resolve that issue)
  • Leaks in tile shower pans (a reinforcement with fiberglass is the solution)
  • Outdated finish and color (a new and fresh refinish is the solution)
  • Around tub drain there is rust and is ugly (We repair rust areas and protect with resins and then add the refinish)
  • The porcelain is gone. Iron is visible and is rust. (We stop oxidation process by adding special chemicals and then sealing the area with special resins)

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