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Countertop Refinishing Los Angeles

Many bathrooms and kitchens feature common materials like Formica and cultured marble. As these materials age they can show discoloration and cracks, while still being structurally sound. Tearing out your laminate countertop may seem like the only option to get it looking like new again, but that type of project can be disruptive, time-consuming and expensive.
When planning a kitchen renovation, there is nothing more appealing then shiny granite countertops.

A kitchen make-over can be quite a costly and time-consuming process, if one considers replacing fittings, repainting, upgrading work surfaces and redoing the floor. Undertaking all of this in one go is not economically viable for all of us but there are different options to consider when it comes to giving a room in one’s house a new look. For example, thicking outside of the box one could start with something like giving a countertop a new surface.

Countertops normally take up a considerable amount of space and the appearance of these focal work surfaces has a great impact on the overall style of a kitchen. By simply changing the appearance of countertops you can easily transform the entire kitchen and set the basis of the design that you want to carry through the remainder of the area.
Unfortunately, these important features of a kitchen can also be very costly and replacing them from scratch may not fit everyone’s pocket. Fortunately there are ways of transforming countertops without removing them completely. If you want to give your kitchen a make-over, you may want to consider the uncomplicated and more affordable option of countertop resurfacing avoiding the mess and expensiveness of replacing your countertop.
However, thick materials such as full granite are complicated and needs to be done by a professional.
Reglazing Los Angeles provides professional refinishing and repair Porcelain and Fiberglass surfaces. Reglazing Los Angeles is The best company in Los Angeles, Carlifornia working since 1991.
Most countertop materials are strong and durable, but as time passes, it gradually deteriorates making it more vulnerable to heat, weathering, stains, scratches, etc. When the effects of wear and tear become visible to the naked eye, your countertop will no longer be pleasant to look at. When this time comes, you are forced to think of replacing your countertops. There is no problem if you have the budget and you’re willing to shell out big bucks. However, if your pocket is not too deep, you have to look for other options. Resurfacing countertops can solve this problem without putting a strain in your budget.

Instead of totally replacing your kitchen or bathroom countertop, resurfacing them only involves repairing or changing the damaged or old laminate. This process will make your countertop look like new even though the support structure is still the same.


  • Save Money on Countertop Replacement
  • Cover Scratches and Imperfections
  • Add Years to the Lifetime of Your Current Countertop
  • Modernize Your Countertops
  • Add Value to Your Home by Upgrading Your Kitchen and Bathrooms.

A huge benefit here is that countertops are normally produced in standard sizes, as are ready to buy laminated fabrics.

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Countertop Reglazing Service

There are many benefits when choosing to refinish your kitchen and bathroom countertop instead of replacing it. The process is quick and budget friendly. The choice of having Countertop Refinishing is undeniably one of the best decisions any homeowner can make. Why get rid of your countertops just because you want to change the color of them? You can make the most of your original investment by refinishing the existing countertop and protecting them for many more years in the future.

You shouldn’t have to replace your countertop every 10 years, but many people choose to do so because they do not realize that there are other, more affordable options out there. Save your money for other areas of home improvement, and you will have your dream home in no time.


In simple terms, countertop refinishing means creating a new surface layer on top of your existing countertop. When you decide that you want to refinish your counter tops, your contractor will begin by using acid to etch the existing surface so that the new surface has something to grip on to. Once it’s etched, your contractor will neutralize the acid so that the new surface will bond securely to the old. The new surface will then be installed on top of the original, and your contractor will apply epoxy primer and acrylic urethane to make your brand new bath or kitchen countertop resilient and ready for use. The whole process can be completed in 24 hours. When compared to traditional remodeling projects that can take weeks to complete, leaving you without a functional bathroom or kitchen for that time, but leaving you with a pile of rubble bathroom kitchen countertop. Refinishing come out the clear winner.


Aside from the convenience, the minimal waste, and the minimal cost involved in refinishing countertops, there is also the look of the matter to consider. With bathroom or kitchen remodeling there are usually two factors in play – the space you want to remodel is damaged in some way and/or you want that space to have a new look or feel. With refinishing you can meet both of these goals with ease. Because you are creating a wholly new surface, you get to choose what it will look like. You can go for a counter top that looks just like the old one did when it was new, or you can choose a totally new color or style. Your contractor will have countless options to pick from – the hardest part of the whole process may be deciding which one you want!
Choosing to refinish your bathroom or kitchen countertop, however, is a win-win situation – you save time, money and resources, and you come out with a counter top that is better than new. Your countertops can easily age your kitchen and bathrooms, even if you have updated other features (appliances, hardware, cabinet doors, flooring, etc.). If you want to make the space look new, fresh, and modern, a set of refinished countertops may be just the trick. Because of their affordability, you don’t have to worry about “overly modernizing” your home, where you essentially invest more money on upgrades than they’re actually worth.
When considering a Countertop Refinishing Service, that will make you get the look you want for your home without breaking the bank. Reglazing Los Angeles is The best company in Los Angeles, Carlifornia working since 1991.