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Chemical Cleaning – Stripping – Sanding- The Work Area – Exposed Area

We use special acid shampoo to clean the surface. There are two-step process to remove soap film, oils, and mineral deposits due to regular and long use. Additional sanding and special procedures are used to ensure a thoroughly clean surface. Chips, scratches and other damage are then filled and repaired after unit is cleaned.

Bonding Agents

The main goal to a good refinishing job is getting the new coating to “stick” to the subtract (porcelain, tile or fiberglass). We use high quality agent made in USA. We have tested the chemical bonding agent results in superior adhesion and a better product with greater longevity for heavy use in any bathroom (residential or commercial). We are confident the refinish will long last at least 5-10 years, and issue to any customer a 1-year warranty on porcelain or fiberglass bathtubs and ceramic tile for workmanship. We assure you will be safe for 3-5 years with proper maintenance of unit.

Primer Application – Turbine – Pro Cup-Gun HVLP

Thank to An advanced acrylic top coating is applied with titan equipment HVLP spray equipment to create a durable, long lasting surface. The gun spray mist at 11.5 PSI. Creating a soft and smooth surface on the tub. All finishes are available on high gloss finish. We use only the most advanced epoxy primer PBRA certified in Texas. Coating Application with Titan Turbine 95, 105, 115 and Pro HVLP sprayer Gun.

We use top grip coating made from polyurethane a high quality chemical used only by pros and licensed contractors only. Your tub or sink will dry in about 24-48 hours. Curing process epoxy full 100%  takes 10-14 days.

Re-Caulking – Silicone

The tub is re-caulked after refinish is complete. We only use high quality silicone.

Non Skid Additive – Anti-Slip System

Many customer use mats with suction caps. This mats damages the coating and will peel the tub floor . We do not recommend using bath mats. At customer request, for an extra charge, we add non skid additive on base of tub before the refinish. Please let us know before we start reglazing.

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