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Bathtub Reglazing in Los Angeles

When it comes to resurfacing and updating your bathroom, many people are unaware that their assets can be updated and reused instead of completely replaced. There are many methods that can make an old, worn out bathtub or shower stall look like new. Bathtub reglazing, for example, is one of these methods in which a new glaze finish is bonded to your existing unit restoring it to a like new condition.
When it comes to the process of reglazing your bathtub, it is reassuring to know that it is a method that has been around for quite a while. The concept of bathtub refinishing was developed in the 1950’s. Replacing a bathtub was, and still is burdening, not to mention expensive. This public opinion has not changed much since then.
Removing an old unit risks breaking tiles and can damage walls and flooring. In addition, plumbing work is often involved in order attach the new bathtub. With all of this additional work in mind, the expenses can add up. Replacement costs can run a couple thousand, which is why many people turn to bathtub reglazing as an alternative option.

When done properly, bathtub reglazing is an excellent and cost effective alternative to bathtub replacement. Hard to clean bath tubs, become easy to clean. Yellowed, stained, or outdated colors disappear revealing a fresh, new, glossy bathtub in the color of your choice. Not only will it look like new, but it will save you thousands of dollars, as well as days of inconvenience saving you money to update other areas of your newly refinished bathroom.
With such advanced technology today, we have found many ways to reuse what we already have, restoring our items to their original state, or in some cases, making them even better. This is true for bathtub reglazing.
If you’ve got a yucky bathtub, you should consider giving it a face lift. Bathtub reglazing will not cost you a lot of money and it will add a beautiful touch to the look of your bathroom. Remember that your bathtub is the focal point of your bathroom and if it looks pale and unattractive, you should do something about it. Bathtub reglazing will give your bathroom a beautiful new makeover. You can have your tub done in any shade that you like. Bathtub reglazing or refinishing will give your tub a new finish and make it glossy like it used to be.

Bathtub refinish service Los Angeles California

Tub Refinishing Service

Tub reglazing is an affordable alternative to replacing an old bathtub with a new one. Contractors usually charge lot of money to install a new bathtub and tile the walls. You may also want to consider doing your full bathtubs, ceramic tiles, and counter tops plane and stone flecks finishes. You can restore these surfaces and have the color changed if you like.

A variety of colors are available, so you won’t be limited with your decor. Porcelain, and fiberglass bathtubs can all be done. The process does not take very long to complete and it won’t damage your fixtures and decor.

Reglazing Los Angeles provides professional refinishing and repair Porcelain and Fiberglass surfaces. Reglazing Los Angeles is The best company in Los Angeles, Carlifornia working since 1991.

If you hire a professional contractor to refinish your bathtub, you will see wonderful results. Your bathtub will have a smooth finish and it will look perfect. If you hire a professional, the results will last and you won’t have to worry that the color will chip or fade. The contractor you hire will use a glossy, highly durable top-coat in the color of your choice. Please remember that doing a bathtub is almost impossible for the average person, but you can count on a professional to get the job done right the first time.

Doing a bathtub reglazing takes a lot of work and skill. The process involves clearing out the bathtub, cleaning it and removing caulking. The areas that aren’t being treated will be covered, the fixtures will be removed.
The reglaze process doesn’t lead to any imperfections, so your bathtub won’t need buffing after a few days After the process is complete, your bathtub will be ready to use in only 48 hours.


You may have considered replacing the tub in your bathroom which is used for bathing, but that can be tedious and costly to deal with. Hence, these days, smart homeowners have thought of bathtub reglazing as the next best thing, and here’s why:
  • It is but stressful to go around looking from a score of tubs to pick the right one. Right from which type to buy to the colors on display, the transport and the installation et al, too much stress and one doesn’t want that tub anymore.
  • Even if you have made a choice and bought a new tub, the old one needs to be removed and the new one needs to be installed. Row of tiles need to be removed and new ones installed, or else the old tub wouldn’t be removed with ease. There can be issues with plumbing, and if professionals don’t help out, it could be costly as a deal at a later stage. Once again, too much stress with tub replacements and costly as an option as well.
If your bathtub looks rusted and unattractive or if the color is boring and dull, don’t throw it away. Save your hard-earned money and get your bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing will make an old, tired bathtub look brand new and more beautiful. The result will be a bathtub that has an attractive gloss and durability. Bathtub refinishing will give your bathroom a gorgeous new look and it beats purchasing a new bathtub.
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Porcelain and Fiberglass Bathtubs

In the case of bathtub reglazing, one wouldn’t need to wait a long time for the end installation to happen. Professionals would first strip away the old paint, assuming that the tub was reglazed in the past, and spray the tub once again. This would take a few hours and by late night you would have a brand new tub staring at you. The money involved would be a fraction as to what it would have been otherwise, and time involved too wouldn’t be more than half a day. If the tub is in a condition good to use, why should you think of replacing it? If you replace the tub, you would have to remove the tiles around so that the old tub can be removed. Some of us want to change the tub color which is okay, hence reglazing can be considered as a cheap option for the same. You may have just done up your bathroom and would also want the color of the tub to match with the decor and mise-en-scene of the bathroom, hence reglaze and do not replace, the latter takes a lot of money and time, and adds more stress as well.

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