Frequently Asked Questions

What is glazing, reglazing or refinishing?

Glazing, reglazing or refinishing have the same meaning. We the pros use the term of refinish “for the action of adding a finish to a surface or a subtract.”

What surfaces can you refinish?

We refinish basically bathrooms and kitchens. Surfaces such us: porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, formica, and acrylic surfaces.

How much do you charge for a bathtub?

We charge according to condition/nature of project. We consider: condition of the tub, location, dimensions of the tub, rust repair, cracks repair, porcelain or fiberglass tub (area), custom colors request, etc. In most cases, refinishing will save you about 60-70% over the cost of replacing a tub.

How long will take to do a tub?

To refinish a tub will take about 5-6 hours.

Do you spray or use rollers to refinish?

We do not use rollers. We use HVLP (high volume, low-pressure) technology to spray our coating. We use 5-6 stages turbines with special guns.

Can you fix a rust area in my tub or sink?

Yes, we can. We repair all rust areas with special resins. We fix those areas before we do the finish.

How much time in advance can you schedule the job?

All jobs are scheduled at least one week before. You can call (323) 396-1030, text or email us at sales@reglazinglosangeles.com

How long can long last the finish?

For a porcelain bathtub can long last up to 5 years or more You must follow our maintenance instructions. Fiberglass bathtub can long last 5-20 years. Must follow the instruction maintenance form provided by the technician or can find it at our website.

Do you stripe/etch the tub before you do the finish?

Yes, we do. If the tub/sink/tile has been refinished before, and the glaze peel off easy, we will stripe the surface. We use strong acids and chemicals to remove the old glaze. We only stripe porcelain bathtubs, porcelain sinks, and ceramic tiles. We do not stripe on fiberglass surface (will ruin forever the bathtub or shower). Be aware of providers who offer this chemical process on fiberglass/acrylic/formica/marble imitation surfaces.

This chemical is not sold in regular stores to the public.

Can I, my kids and my pets stay inside when you do the job?

Yes, you can, your kids and pets, can stay inside of a bedroom at the time when technician start spraying the coatings. There will be strong fumes. We use industrial ventilation blower whit a 32 ft long duct to take out the fumes. If someone in your hose has a lung condition disease, or other health conditions, must go and stay away from house for about 24-48 hours.

Does your work have a warranty?

We offer a one (1) year warranty for tubs, tile walls shower, and countertops. Kitchen sinks does not have a warranty. Please read our contract agreement for more information about our warranty.

Do you remove the fixtures (hardware)?

No, we do not. We don’t carry a plumber license. Please call a licensed plumber to fix least and remove hardware or install new hardware.

After you reglaze my tub, how long can I wait to use it?

Glaze takes 48 hours to dry.  The finish will cure in about 14 days (to complete harden to substrate). But you can use the tub after 2 days. Please use lightly within 2 weeks after we refinish your project.

Do you offer a non slip surface on the tub?

Yes, we do.  Please let us know before we refinish your tub. We can apply a non-slip texture on the floor. We use 60 grit fine sand texture rolled on the tub.

Can you refinish a tub that has been already glazed?

Yes, we do. We will sand the surface, acid chemical wash and then apply a new fresh finish.

Will spraying affect smoke alarms?

Spraying will trigger the smoke alarms. Remove smoke alarms and place outside of the spraying area.  If removing the smoke alarms is not possible, keep fans in the work area and keep air flowing.