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Porcelain Rub Reglazed in Los Angeles 90064

Porcelain Bathtub Reglazed Los Angeles 90064

Reglaze Project Los Angeles 90064 Before and After Photo Job Description A contractor who finished a residential home remodeling booked for a bathroom tub reglazing with us. The tub had multiple rust spots on surface (General contractor concern). They tried to remove the rust with different cleaners and chemicals without any results. In this scenario […]
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Porcelain bathtub reglazed for a customer in Toluca Lake CA 91602

Porcelain Bathtub Reglazing in Toluca Lake 91602

Before and After Tub Reglazing in Toluca Lake, CA A local customer in Toluca Lake CA with zipcode 91602, booked for reglazing 2 porcelain bathtubs for a rental property (condo).. We did the job same day. Our Job description: White color enamel sprayed on the 2 tubs. Job time: it took one full day to […]
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