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Fiberglass tub shower reglazed in Azusa, CA.

Fiberglass Bathtub/Shower Reglazing Asuza

Fiberglass Bathtub/Shower Reglazed in Asuza, California. Zipcode 91702 A Customer in Azusa with a dull color and ugly fiberglass shower booked our local reglazing service. Job time:  Job Completed in 6 hours. Drying time: 48 hours. Cure time: 14 days. Shower doors installed same day. Color: Porcelain White  Coating: Liquid Porcelain Enamel (epoxy)
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Shower Stall Reglazing | Redondo Beach | 90278

Residential Rental Property – 90278 Redondo Beach, CA A shower stall ceramic tile in a back apartment unit was refinished in porcelain white color.  Refinish done at the end of remodeling. Area: 92.96 ft2 Floor Area: 14.13 ft2 Height: 6.0 ft2   BEFORE Loading… AFTER Loading…
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