Bathtub, Sink and Shower Reglazing in Burbank, CA

We strive to give each of our clients in Burbank a quality bathtub reglazing service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our unique bathtub/sink and shower refinishing services provide superior bathroom porcelain and fiberglass refinishing combined with outstanding customer service to residential, real estate or commercial property owners and manager throughout the Burbank, CA.

If you are looking for Reglazing Services in Burbank, CA. We are committed to offering high quality reglazing, the latest technology with fluorocarbon silicone technology as well as an experienced knowledge base for property managers in buildings (rental apartments or condo reglazing service) and homeowners that cannot be beat by our competitors in the area of Burbank CA.

Reglazing Services in city of Burbank California​

All of our customers have saved thousands of dollars and a great amount of time by refinishing their bathroom and kitchen surfaces instead of remodeling. We serve our clientele in Burbank CA with  porcelain bathtubs reglazefiberglass bathtubs showersbathroom sink refinishing and kitchen sink or counter top resurfacing. Waterproof and bacterial resistant finishes. 

Bathroom Sink Reglazing in Burbank CA​

As porcelain bathroom sink reglazing/refinishing experts in the Burbank area we specialize in the refinishing of all kinds of porcelain sinks. We can repair all kinds of holes, chips, cracks, and rust that your sink may have. We are able to restore your bathroom sink to its original condition if you live in Burbank area.

Kitchen Sink and Countertops reglazing in Burbank CA

We also refinish kitchen sinks one bowl or double bowl. And tile counter tops reglazing in Burbank. Bathtub Refinishing and Fiberglass Expert, is the most reliable, professional, and experienced bathtub refinishing company in the city of Burbank. You will not be disappointed with our reglazing service. Licensed, bonded and insured Contractor/Company serving Burbank.

For sure, try one time, you will glad you did it. Our kitchen countertops tile or sink refinish with high quality  coating made in USA. Increase the value of your property by reglazing your bathroom and kitchen.

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I will be happy to answer all questions you may have in regards to our refinishing process, prices, products, and job warranty.

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